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November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

mostly a place for me to practice writing, critically.—I spend a lot of time thinking, critically; hopefully that will help.—I guess you could call this “cultural studies”—leftist in political orientation—historicalmaterialist+psychoanalytic in theoretical orientation—libra—north carolina—

I’m pretty much an unemployed hipster who reads a lot.  I think I’m cool tho

the name is from a song by Yeasayer, an indie-rock band I have generally positive feelings about, although I still haven’t checked out their latest album, except this one song, which, well, anyway.  I don’t know if the Yeasayer dudes self-identify as “communist”, but either way, this lyric:

but if you learn one thing and learn it well

in june, you must give fascists hell

that’s pretty awesome, right?


posts in the works:

—”Sex, Violence, and the State of the Union in Iron Man 2” (just rewatched this and it’s even sillier the second time around; can’t wait ‘2’ finish working on this post)

—something on transference and singer-songwriters (Okkervil River, the Mountain Goats… Sufjan Stevens?)


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